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Why I create and what inspires me.

At my little Creative Lab | Florida 2019.

At my little Creative Lab | Florida 2019.

  I create visual narrative from the desire to communicate. Analog Collage is my current tool to express myself keeping temporal records of my emotions and observations. They become my documentation of perception about the external and internal world, ultimately showcasing my evolution as a human being or more modestly speaking as an artist.

I like to explore the unpredictable nature of assembling preexisting imagery. To me it’s not just relationship between the subjects within the piece but a metaphor that tells a story. I crave to create something permanent from something disposable and add its unique and meaningful context.

Creation is my pressure release system, a way of grounding me. Instead of weighting things down in my head I give them a physical space where they are born and take on a new life and meaning.  It also teaches me to cultivate a love of the process and not just the final result. By literally breaking images from their original context they become free to convey a new message devoid of expectation and rules. Meticulously sliced they are often guided by the tension between the beauty and the agony of life. Having experience working with design, photography and art I curate my cutout into pieces inserting the human body and shapes into mysterious or surreal contexts.

 There is strong relationship between my work and the way I am associated with fashion. Both are my tools to express myself and portray many personalities that coexist within me.

 I create in chaos and always with a couple pieces at a time. That’s why, I believe, my collages have opposite direction, clean forms, shape and composition directing my attention to symbolism and clarity towards objects I am choosing. I believe it has also to do with my education as an architect where I was trained to be precise and particular. I like to keep my art in monochromatic shades if possible putting the subject at the first plan to not dominate by the colors to much, unless I have no other materials to choose from or I like to express happy emotions.

 My style in the board sense is vulnerable with a spice of strength and darkness that’s who I am as a person and that’s what I admire in women who inspire me. There are always so many new things to discover I find fascinating. My senses are always aware of everything I am surrounded with.

 My goal is to inspire those who see my work, provoke discussion and look more carefully at the world around them rediscovering themselves and looking deeper into emotions and what confronts them to become better human beings. I want also to inspire others to use art as a therapy or form of meditation.