The Empress of life - Myrnelle Singh; creator of JOURNEY-  hair for life.

The Empress of life - Myrnelle Singh; creator of JOURNEY- hair for life.

Myrnelle is a passionate, energetic, talented young woman who is conquering her goals and dreams. She is creating her own, unique life style brand  JOURNEY - hair for life, and it’s going to be fabulous.  Everything she does comes from her heart, hard work and desire for helping people. Hungry for more information?  You're in the right place! Read this very interesting interview with my Empress of Life Myrnelle Singh.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well, my name is Myrnelle Singh , I’ve lived in Miami for over 7 years. I was born in Trinidad where my family is from. I’m of mixed race mostly West Indian with a little bit of French and Spaniard . I moved to the US at the age of 7. I’ve always been a creatively inspired person. I love my work and my artistic expressions, without them I honestly don’t know how I would have survived all these years. As a hairstylist I’m proud to have been able to meet such interesting people. My clients mean so much to me their continued support of my work has kept me hungry for more in the beauty industry .  

  • You are opening soon  your own, creative hair salon called Journey  in a great location and I am truly very proud of you! I saw already all plans, designs and the place is going to be amazing - such great energy and passion. Tell us please a bit about the philosophy of your company and goals you would like to achieve?

I really wanted to create a salon space that was purposeful in a new way, otherwise I felt no point to  open my own space. I thought long and hard building my brand. The outcome was one mixed with years of information I had gathered over my years working as a hairstylist. I really wanted to help the client, but not just on the day they came to see me, but everyday. One thing I felt this industry was in grave need of was education for the client. I wanted to create a space that would deliver great hair services that a client could feel amazing in, but also help them learn how to recreate their chosen style on a daily bases without coming to the salon. and the only way to do that was to create a class structure that allowed the client to come in, sit down and learn how to do their own hair! 

Its all about the Journey , I believe that hair is very important to people its such a huge part of their lives, it can literally make or break your day! Thus the creation of not just a great hair salon, but a lifestyle brand , “Journey, Hair for Life” !
  • What’s the hardest task building your own business, your biggest struggle, obstacles?

The biggest struggle id have to say is staying out of my own head. When undertaking something like this it becomes very personal. You have to dig deep to understand what type of space you want to create that will successfully represent what you have to say as a business owner, a hairstylist , a woman … in so many ways. it must come full circle . Thus, many times its so easy to think your way in over your head, that this is crazy and you should just back out now! Thank goodness the passion reigns I’ve completely comes to terms with giving this my all and being completely at ease with the outcome. After all this is My journey. 

  • What young people aspiring to become hairstyle creators should know first?

For new students entering this industry. I would say welcome to an amazing business that allows you so may wonderful and fun opportunities. I love this industry because everyone starts at the bottom, and your work and passion for it will either take you farer than you dreamed or you will tank.. it's a classic case of "the proof is in the pudding". Put the time in, and learn all you can. Know your motivation, your big why in life.  And always, always have a loose plan. Everything must grow and evolve so plan your career so you don’t ever get stuck and/ or complacent.

  • I know you have a lot of experience with your profession; can you tell us a bit about the most inspiring or funny moments with your clients?

I honestly can say that clientele in this industry are the reason most hairstylist keep their passion alive, They push us to better at what we do. The bonds we create with them are built on trust and love. The signatures we leave on their heads is driven by the desire to see them feeling their very best.  If anyone knows me they know my love for great conversation. Those are some of my best moments with my clients because their personalities are so colorful, I’m so entertained by them. Early in my career I had a woman sit down for a consultation and pulled a framed photo of Debra Messing  out of her purse for her hair inspiration… it was so hard not to think it funny and quite odd at the same time!

  • Currently you were participating in the conference in New York. How that experience influenced you? Have you learned something you could share with?

Yes! it was hosted by Luxury Brand Partners and American Salon called Ideologue- The Social Media Sessions. This was such an inspirational  event. Its focus was to impress upon salon owners and stylists the power of social media in our industry.  One of the things that truly resonated with me was the strength  you have when you stay true to yourself and do the things that showcase you as person. The more we find our own voice the clearer our message can become. I’m sure we have heard these things before but not often do we apply this to our business. 

  • You are beautiful woman with experience in modeling. Can you tell us some observation in that area?

Well thank you so much for the kind words! What can I say about my modeling … you know I love acting in front of a camera and becoming a character for the brand I’m representing . It's actually funny how shy I feel taking a group photo with friends but once in modeling mode I always have to become a character to be bold enough to pull of a models pose. Seems funny but that’s how I do it. Modeling is my alter egos coming thru ha ha.

  • What is your observation/ thought about contemporary women? Have you noticed any new trend/ direction for women in the future?

We are really in an amazing time for individuality, the world is fighting to celebrate being you… and that’s really translating thru beauty and fashion. Do you notice how many decades are present in current fashion? You can wear fashion inspired by Audry Hepurn today and tomorrow a take on Madonna in the 80’s  and it’s all still current and on trend. How fun is that?! Self expression is really the trendiest thing.

  • You are also a professional singer (yes I heard and you are truly talented). What type of music is the closest to your heart? Do you planning continuing singing? (I hope so!)   

Music has been such a constant in my life, I’ve been moved by so much music over time that all led my life at one time or another. Music is something that all people can identify with its our universal language. I find it to be one of the most powerful things on this planet.  its my greatest hope to always continue in music. I don’t think its possible to ever stop pursuing music in some way. 

  • How would you define your personal style?

I’d have to say my personal style is extremely schizophrenic.  What it is for me is where am i going. I really like to dress the part so to speak. When I have an event to go to i like to think about how I want to represent my self at that event and I dress accordingly, sometimes that means 50's glam and other times that could be 70s rocker. 

  • What’s your favorite piece of clothing/ accessory, that makes you feel amazing?

 think that overtime that favorite pieces recycle themselves . But id say consistently for the last 3 years or so, I have worn a 14’ delicate gold necklace with a pendent that says ‘HOPE’ . This is something very dear to me, its constant reminder to keep pushing and working hard pass  whatever I’m going through .

  • What’s your thought about Miami fashion?

Miami fashion is so eclectic. There is something for everyone, and while I don’t like some of it, what i really appreciate is that here in Miami people make it a point to express their taste providing a colorful palette of fashion i can appreciate.

  • Who or what gives you strength? 

Meditation and affirmations... I write down the things I need and what and ready them constantly. I try to day dream as much I possibly can, because my mind is my greatest strength 

  • When you feel the happiest?

I’m  happiest when I’m creating something , it makes me beyond excited and motivated. 

  • Tell us your little secret?

My intuition is my greatest weapon.

  • What woman inspires you? There is any you would like to meet?

Oprah of course no explanation needed.

  • What women would you recommend for that interview?

Ah this was such a hard answer I couldn’t decide which one of the amazing women in my life I would choose and I just can’t … I'd be happy to a provide a list of women that would all be worth interviewing!

  • Life quote?

I love quotes so much. There is no way to have just one.. but the current quote that I use on my iPhones wallpaper says:

‘If you want to give light to others you have to glow yourself.”
- by Thomas S, Monson.


You are amazing and true inspiration, thank you for your time, 

With love, Mia

photos casually taken by Mia Mandela.





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