Why is it good to hire a person that is both: an illustrator and a photographer for your company?!

Why is it good to hire a person that is both: an illustrator and a photographer for your company?!

Some people ask me how can I handle both: illustration and photography together on a similar quality level, and if it isn't too much for me? The answer is: absolutely not! Actually it’s helping me to keep balance between lonely work at home, illustrating, designing, editing via amazing live interaction with people. There is no better way to learn and explore! On top of it both professions complement one another and helping me to be more creative and open minded.

I concentrate mostly on female photography but I aspire to work with all types of portraits and both commercial/ fashion sessions as well.

I want to show you a perfect example how easy it can be, when you, as a designer hire both: a professional illustrator and commercial photographer in one person. It will be less stressful, time saving and most of all the project will be consistent from A to Z, which is very important for your brand recognition (branding).

Juan Pablo Villatoro, the owner, founder and designer of Artisan Leather Company LLC (A Miami based company focused on creating high quality affordable leather goods), asked me to illustrate his vision and designs first. The process went smooth as we were both on the same page from the very beginning. I have a lot of experience with various clients and an ability to understand what they are hoping to achieve with a project.

Here is some illustrations sample I did for ALC:

Plus a little surprise for my client- Social Media content as a bonus:

I believe, because Juan and his fiancé liked my style and the way we worked together (did you guys?;)), they asked me for a commercial photo shoot of their products. They both thought they should hire a professional model but I suggested that they are a perfect representation for what they are selling. The main concept of the shoot was classy, elegant but yet casual. The photo shoot took place on Miami Beach and at the Miami Design District. My models were a bit shy at the beginning. They were wondering if they would know what to do but I promised them I’d take care of everything, because it’s my job to make them feel comfortable and relaxed and it’s also my job to be creative and guide them. They jumped fully into it and I couldn’t believe how professional they were posing (I was so proud of them).

Here are the results of that photo- shoot:

Also, as a special guest attendant on the photo shoot was Jose and Cynthia from The Villas Channel!

Here is the video with shout out of the the photo- shoot I took for ALC company (starts on 2:10min of the video). Created by The Villas Channel :

Thank you so much The Villas Channel, you all did a great job!!! Big hug!

The art of contradiction, where the light kisses shadow

The art of contradiction, where the light kisses shadow