REfashion with a cause- #DIY, blouse!

REfashion with a cause- #DIY, blouse!

I'm a person who believes in re-purpose and recycle. Since I was a kid my Mom taught me to pay attention to that and I have been following her beliefs since.

I received two, vintage leather skirts as a gift from a friend of mine, but they didn’t fit. I thought why not re-purpose them, so they won't be wasted and I won't have to throw them away.

I'm not what you call a super minimalists, but I really think twice about buying stuff, but when I do or get them as a gift, I try use them as much as I can (equals less littering the environment and my closet).  I also hunt at vintage stores, which has the same meaning to me, recycle items ( I know there is various opinions about it but that’s my belief). I don’t follow the latest trends, forcing us to buy stuff to fit into the norm, I follow my own personal style, what I feel is myself and what fits me. 

So if you have the same way of thinking and have some pieces you don’t/ cant use, simply re-purpose them! It’s going to be unique, made by yourself (equals satisfaction), nice way of creative therapy ( instead of tv ) and it’s going to be with a cause!

Now, how I made my blouse:



NOTE: If you don't feel comfortable using recycled leather you may also use recycle, vegan leather. It should work as well.


First of all, I am not professional tailor and I had no pattern, but my Mom is and I grew up watching her designing and creating pretty much anything you could imagine, so I just improvised remembering how she worked.

You can use your favorite blouse as a “stencil”/ example, just keep in mind that leather is more stiff than cotton so the final results will be different (therefore it's better to make a loose blouse, also less sweating in it). 

My basic design was a bit different at the beginning but I decided to use and keep as much as I could from the shape of the skirt, so I wouldn't have to sew too much and the finish looked more professional. It went super, because on the back I used the original zipper and slit as a decoration.

Then I fitted the blouse a couple times to cut out properly the décolleté and armpits. I didn’t make darts by breast but if you have big ones, you'll need them ;).

When I was happy with the results, I started to cut out the fringes. In my head they were pretty and even, but reality went, lets say , quite interesting (read as total improvisation and waves). But I thought since they will be close to each other and as layers, perfection wont be that necessary. I tried the a cutter first but scissors worked better in this case (How I made it, you can see on the photos attached).

When the fringes were ready and attached to blouse, I stapled together the arms and corrected a bit the width under the armpits,

- Voila !!! 



I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to see your own designs! Hashtag it : #refashionwithacause , with love, Mia

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