WORK PROCESS- "LE, THE REBELS 2016" project.

WORK PROCESS- "LE, THE REBELS 2016" project.

The LE Miami show is the world’s first event to reflect the shift in luxury. It defines the evolution in contemporary travel by connecting our limited edition crowd of rebellious travel brands with high-level buyers representing the creative class.

It’s the second time I was invited by Beyond Luxury London, to design and paint The Rebel Awards 2016. 

I was very excited to participate again with this event, because last years project ended so successfully ( I know, I should write about it someday, because I did a lot of visual aspects for the show and I will get to it eventually, I promise) but I love the challenge and creative task it offers.


  • STEP ONE. Concept for the awards and colors of the show, according to the categories and briefing.


Painting on the white background of the ball shape is a challenge. You can't erase the lines and you have to be ultra clean. I decided to trace the sketch over it but it failed as you can see in the pictures (don't try it at home;)). So the only way was to sketch with a gray marker.

  • STEP THREE. THE PROCESS (mobile photos).

The best way to paint the awards was painting a couple at the time. When waiting for one part to dry, I worked on another. I received two awards that had a different primer applied to it, very slippery and grayish, so I decided to paint them all over again. I had to use a lot of layers to make it work and the effect was not satisfying, so it's a lesson for you, the primer should be a matte finish, not a gloss.

The paint work is very precise, I literally didn't breathe painting them hahahahahah.

As with last year, I used "The Golden" acrylics. This time with a less transparent formula though. It just works better. I know, I could mix my own colors, but all the awards was already set, so I didn't wanted to risk having a different shade from one to another.

When the awards were ready, everything was great but my client asked me to add a bit of gold like I did the previous year to keep it "fancy". So the final look to the awards has golden decorations applied to them.


Short after final glossing. Photos by MECCA Productions, Inc. I love how they glossed and polished them!


The show went great and LE "The Rebels 2016" awards was a success. 

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