REfashion with a cause- #DIY, hand- painted clutch!

REfashion with a cause- #DIY, hand- painted clutch!

Long story short, I was doing some closet cleaning and I found my old clutch, that was dusty and it was hard to get the stains off of it ( the clutch was fabric covered).

I almost threw it out, but then I thought about what Diana Vreeland would say, “why don’t you” make your own, customized, hand painted clutch! and by the way check out if that would actually work?

illustration by Mia Mandela. The one of my very favorite Diana Vreeland.

So I did…and now it’s time for you to use you own imagination and creativity, play with it and see what happens!


Here is how I did it.


  • Old clutch, you don’t’ much care about anymore;
  • Primer
  • Acrylics ( I used full cover Gold brand plus retarder, mostly for thin lines). Normally I like warm colors but that’s the paints I had so I just used them.
  • Brushes (I very much like the Utrecht line called“Sablette”. They are not the cheapest, but when you care for them, they should last a couple years). Also, I used an old make up brush Eco Tools, and It works deliciously for bigger surfaces. 
  • Blue painters tape to protect whatever area you don’t like you be painted. The thickness is up to you.
  • Pencil, waterproof sharpies markers.
  • Acrylic coating , I used UV resistant clear from Krylon.
  • An idea, what I actually wanted to paint, of course I went spontaneous.


1.     I covered the clutch with the primer. I needed only one coat.

2.     I did fast sketch of what I wanted to paint;

3.     I painted my subject using here and there the markers.

4.     When everything was dry, I covered it with a coat of paint. Two layers. It worked out great, only on one spot the marker was melted a bit, but I believe it was my fault, because I sprayed the coat to close, so make sure to sprayed from a distance. Also use latex or rubber gloves. The spray is irritating your skin.

5.     Let it dry and voila!

Tip: The clutch it’s a bit sticky so I would use it only for the special occasions, photo- shoots or as decoration

Good luck! And send me photos of your creations if you happen to try this, I'm curious to see what your imagination comes up with!

A song for good vibes :)

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