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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Photography, collage & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


- A G A T A     R E K - 

As a Polish artist and designer, Agata’s background gives her a unique insight into fashion and art. After spending five years studying architecture she traveled, self-educated and participated in numerous projects. Her work bridges multiple disciplines, fluidly weaving creative roles as an editorial style photographer, illustrator and art director. Conceptualizing, creating and executing her work she aims to create images that are both: commercially strategic as well as artful.

She has been commissioned to create imagery for fashion designers, brands, magazines and publishers, including Macy’s, Ted Baker London, Wedding Magazine, Darling Magazine, Beyond Luxury London and Vaute Couture New York to name a few.

Her work typically features her unique point of view, created from feeling and intuition, trying to capture something intriguing, smuggling two conflicting emotions: strength and tenderness.

Agata finds inspiration in a wide variety of places constantly observing surroundings, but her true inspiration is women strength and authentic beauty. She is interested in the relationship between fashion and culture, inspired by fashion as an increasingly- important feature of everyday life. Having lived in Europe and the United States, she feels at ease with the visual landscapes of both. In her practice and diverse body of work, she tends to start much of her design work by experimenting with traditional techniques: hand drawing and photography before designing the final image digitally. Agata aims for minimalism in her finished work with a touch of energy and “healthy weirdness”. She is constantly searching for light, shadow and reflection and that became her trademark in photography.

Currently, she is residing in the state of Florida, when in 2014, the city of Miami invited her to participate in a collective exhibition for the best artists of the year. She has a successful track record at the places she has been, with awards and individual art exhibitions in Poland, Germany, and the United States. Having fans far and wide, her work has also been appreciated by the likes of Barbara Hulanicki, Anja Rubik, Tavi Gevinson, Tasya van Ree and Ian Schrager (the founder and creator of Studio 54 on Manhattan) among others.

Agata wishes the final result is beckons us to use our imagination to complete the story she has begun for us.


  • 2006 Collective art exhibition ( Szczecin | Poland );

  • 2007 Oil painting exhibition ( Torgelow | Germany );

  • 2007 Oil painting exhibition ( Szczecin | Poland );

  • 2010 Watercolor and photography exhibition ( Troy | MI );

  • 2011 Watercolor and photography exhibition ( Madison Heights | MI );

  • 2013 Watercolor and ink art exhibition ( Birmingham | MI);

  • 2014 Vizcaya View art exhibition (Miami | Fl);